3 Day Online Workshop | 19th, 20th & 21st December @ 12:30 NZT
Do you want to feel GOOD,
live with a regulated nervous system & take aligned action for 2023 & beyond? If so, I’ve got you.
Many of us haven’t quite got it right when it comes to goals, lifestyle, ambition and success.
If I asked you how you feel majority of the time, what would you say?
 Is your baseline calm, centred and connected or fearful, busy, anxious and on high alert? Waiting for some mysterious penny to drop?  
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Lifestyle design is one of my favourite topics to teach because it’s all about how we want to feel first and how we be and what we do comes, second. 


This year, without a doubt has been a crazy mish mash of lessons, joy, grief, COV** PTSD and everything in between, would you agree?
I think we truly get to have it all (whatever that statement means to you) if we get to know ourselves properly whilst simultaneously healing our core wounds. 
In order to live optimally we must know 
Who we are
What we want 
Where we’re going
The best kept secret to a good life really is: self love.
The second best kept secret to a good life really is: gratitude. 
In order to live optimally, we have to create space so we can feel into these desired states.
Equilibrium as a baseline is the new black.
Life is a constant analysis of what is working, what isn’t working and changing course. 
We all know the most successful people fail 90% of the time so they can win 10% of the time over and over again. 
I’ve failed at lifestyle design more times than I can count. I am now an expert because 90% of the time, I keep taking the ‘wrong road’ which ultimately leads me back home to myself. I want that for you, too. 
So, now that you’ve got this far, I have a question for you. If you were to think about your future self, what would you set up/implement now that you’ve ignored or resisted?
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You can never go wrong with taking aligned action, especially if your intuition has been nudging for a while. 
We struggle more with inaction than action.
A supportive, fun, creative and collaborative community is what this 3-Day Workshop is all about! 
Let’s dream, create, co-regulate and navigate, together. 
3-Day Workshop:
How to Create Optimal Health, Wealth & Freedom through Lifestyle Design
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This 3-Day Workshop is for coaches, entrepreneurs & biz owners that have always been driven by success, money and freedom. Their soul now demands more space, time and ease like never before. This next year is going to be more spacious, prosperous and purposeful because you would have analysed who you really are and how you really wanna feel.
It’s a combination of:
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Feeling, Deep Introspection & Intention Setting

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Journaling (prompts will be provided)

You’ll get a clear picture and roadmap for the year ahead - think of it like a life audit.

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Digital vision boarding - painting the picture for what lies ahead. Vision boarding is FUN because you don’t have to find the perfect magazine when you have the internet at your disposal!

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Teachings and ‘inner spark’ reigniting frameworks by yours truly

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Connection, Fun & Ideating

Here’s an example of my current vision board

NB: My workshops are very interactive, there will be Q&A during each live call.


$49 USD

One-off payment




💰 $49 for all 3 days of LIVE workshops + all course material, prompts and training videos + lifetime access


🖥️  We will be hanging out on Zoom and you’ll have access to the replay forever 
(it’s always better to try and come on live but you will still reap the benefits from the replay if you can’t make it)

What You’ll Need

📒 Either a physical journal or a blank doc for notes
🫖  Tea, water, kombucha - beverage of choice
 💻  A solid internet connection & an excited commitment to the 3 days ❤️‍🔥
This 3-Day Workshop is insane value, we’re gonna get so clear on where you currently are, where you wanna be and how we bridge that gap!
Speaking of bridging gaps, I have even more value to provide. A $150 freebie for you!
As I was creating this workshop, I realised how important the foundations are to our lifestyle design so… 
When you sign up for How to Create Optimal Health, Wealth & Freedom through Lifestyle Design you’ll also get 
  • Overcoming Financial Anxiety Workshop (value $49)
  • Navigating Uncertainty Workshop (value $49)
  • How to Build Authentic Confidence 5-Day Challenge (value $49) 
Absolutely free
Each of these workshops/challenges will help you bridge the gap between how you feel now and how you want to feel in 2023 and beyond. 
You can binge watch them ASAP if you like! 
Also, extra extra extra value add: if you want my full suite of digital products - you can get all 8 for only $33 when you sign up to How to Create Optimal Health, Wealth & Freedom through Lifestyle Design Workshop. 
That’s $392 worth of value 👏 💰
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Founder, Course Creator & Global Citizen.

Brooke is a trauma-informed relationship specialist, course creator, podcaster & catalyst specifically helping entrepreneurs heal addiction & childhood wounds so they can unlock a more purposeful-peaceful life. Brooke is obsessed with people slowing tf down so they can identify their needs, core values and non-negotiables. Brooke believes we tend to attract the type of connections we feel worthy of, not the connections we actually desire and deserve.