"Purposefully Clear shows you who you are & what you want." - Veronica

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Are you feeling avoidant, overwhelmed and stuck?

In a relationship that doesn't feel quite right?

In a situationship?

Feeling stuck in a funky pattern?

We get it. Let us support you through your next evolution.

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Have you outgrown the people around you?


Do you prefer to spend time alone reading, educating yourself and deepening your spiritual practice? 


Do you tire of small talk and shallow conversation?


Do you crave meaningful work, freedom and a life of purpose?


It's clear you're destined for a path of freedom and purpose. If you weren't you wouldn't be reading this.  


The overarching question is: where do I begin... 


Right here. Start where you are. Let's get you Purposefully Clear.


Let's paint a picture. 


You're overwhelmed

You're anxious

The overwhelm and anxiety stops you from taking action

The inaction makes you doubt yourself

The self doubt turns into self loathing

The pain of hating on yourself is unbearable

You opt for your destructive habit of choice, you know the one (or many) I'm talking about that have a hold over you (scrolling, drinking, binging food, TV, partying etc...)

You swear you will start tomorrow and stop living in fear

You swear you'll look after your future self and 'get your shit together'

You swear you'll put yourself first

But you never do, you feel alone, lose trust in yourself and the avoidant loop continues.

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Confidence is a result of competence.


Competence is a result of perseverance.


Perseverance is a result of healthy habits.


Healthy habits are how we begin. 


I know you're done with the avoidance, inaction & anxiety. 


You're ready to love yourself and feel proud of how you live, love and serve.  


You want to feel peaceful, joyous & connected but you feel depleted and flat.


You keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again.


Avoiding support and help is not for you anymore. Connection and community is what you know you need. 


So, here we are...


Let's reignite your spark. It's time to fully participate in life, there is no 'shoe' to drop.


We've got you covered!


You know you should...

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put yourself first

stop waiting for your life to begin and get the help, support and accountability you deserve. 

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Stop avoiding

but it feels so hard to take that first step. What if it's the wrong direction? What if it doesn't work?

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give up the addictive habits

but you keep self sabotaging and don't know how to stop.

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stop isolating yourself and get support

but your core wound is people letting you down so it feels easier to suffer in silence, alone. 


you're ready to take your power back

You're ready to make moves.


You're ready to thrive.

You know you are deserving of a supportive, loving community.

You're ready to feel proud of yourself.

You're here to trust your intuition.

You're here for wealth, freedom and fulfilment. 



Imagine how it would feel to...

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feel clear
have purpose & direction
wake up excited about your life
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actually love yourself

be confident
know who you are and what you want.
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make a lot of money doing what you love

Be of service to the world

Complete what you start

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I created this course to: 


  • show you how powerful and loved you really are.
  • show you that you have what it takes to go after the life you actually want. 


  • show you that connection and consistency only requires you to decide you're worth it.
  • show you how you feel, is a greater measure of success over what you do.
  • help you trust your intuition so you can reclaim your confidence & power.
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Purposefully Clear is an 8-week online course that helps you turn overwhelm, avoidance & fear into confidence, clarity, connection & direction.

We will be meeting weekly on zoom and daily in the FB community.

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Purposefully Clear

is different from other courses...

1. This course takes a less is more approach. We haven't jam packed this course with overwhelming content (remember, this course is about curbing overwhelm) we believe simplicity is bliss and more needs to be removed from life, not added. 

2. Staying on track is deeply emphasised here. If you fall off the wagon, get back on, no judgement. We don't do perfection BS around here. Perfection is what stops us from starting.

3. Our FB community is loving, supportive and as badass as it gets!  


Last but not least...


Think of the little version of you for a moment. The 8 year old. I imagine that version of you is craving some TLC, attention and self care. This course is all about creating time and space for you, from you, so you can get to know YOU. 



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a blueprint for meaningful & healthy relationships (no more ppl pleasing!)

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your money, mindset and manifestation systems down-packed

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confidence, clarity and consistency in where you’re going & what you’re creating (you’re driving the ship)

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momentum and no desire to avoid ever again

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a group of epic peers you call friends & soul mates aka an aligned cheer-squad (we’re not here to suffer/hustle/struggle alone)

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epic routines, a consistent journaling practice and a lot more self love. 

I'm in!


The results speak for themselves...

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I am ready!


Here's what's involved...

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Forming and Sustaining Healthy Habits

You will learn how to cultivate and sustain routines to improve health, wellbeing and clarity.

You'll learn that if your tank is empty, clarity, direction and wealth are an impossible feat. In this module you'll receive a step by step guide on how to fill your cup.

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Self Inquiry

You will learn to listen and understand your inner world. You'll also learn the importance of processing emotions for clarity and productivity.

Avoiding your emotional landscape only causes pain, financial suffering and overwhelm. 

In this module you'll be taught how to write from the heart, formulate healthy boundaries and set the standard for the kind of life you deserve. This module brings clarity and action through journaling consistently.

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In this module we will be exploring your relationship with work. We often don't realise our self worth is tied up in our net worth aka our work.

We'll cover:

  • What work really means to you.
  • Why you're in the work you're in
  • What kind of work is meant for you.
  • How to curb 'financial insecurity' overwhelm.
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Have you heard the saying 'you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?'

In this module you're going to explore the relationships in your life. How you show up and how they show up can either contribute to overwhelm and suffering or to clarity, authentic connection and direction. 

We explore everyone: parents, spouse, co-workers/team, siblings, friends. 

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In this module we will be exploring your relationship to self. You'll learn what it really means to love yourself.

These prompts will help you better understand the inner workings of you so you can improve the trajectory of your life.

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Action Items

In this module we will be taking action on what conclusions are 'screaming' at us from all the ruminating and self discovery in this course.

We'll cover:

  • Action in relationships
  • Action with work
  • Action for self
  • Where to next
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Less is More

In this module we will be exploring your relationship to chaos, doing and the notion of 'busy'. You'll learn to live with intent and ease.

Simplicity is bliss.


You're also going to get access to:

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BONUS #1 Brooke's Purposefully Clear Book Bible

With never seen before titles! I love to #bookfluence



Value = $50

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BONUS #2 Brooke's Purposefully Clear Trello Tutorial

Getting organised, learning to prioritise to build a sense of accomplishment




(Value = $49)

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Bonus #3: How To Have More Money With The Money That You Have Workshop

You'll learn how to invest, spend and save more so you can look after your future self with ease.



(Value = $49)

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Bonus #4: Eat The Frog - Go For Your Goals With Grace Workshop

 You'll learn how to stop procrastinating.


(value = $49)

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Bonus #5: Navigating Uncertainty Workshop

You'll learn the art of acceptance and to take on what you can control with ease. 


(value = $49)

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Bonus #6: Overcoming Financial Anxiety Workshop

You'll learn how to get on top of your finances with consistency and clarity.


(value = $49)

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Bonus #7: How To Curb Overwhelm & Anxiety Workshop

 You'll learn how to quieten your mind and enjoy your life.

(value = $49)

Ready to get in the drivers seat?



Here's what you get when you join.

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Lifetime access to the complete Purposefully Clear Online Course incl updates
(value = $5,000)
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Private Purposefully Clear Peer to Peer FB community + 6 group calls with Lou and 2 group calls with Brooke
(value = priceless)
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Brooke's PC Book Bible 
(value = $50)
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Brooke's PC Trello Tutorial (let's get clear on your daily to-do's)
(value = $50)
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How To Have More Money With The Money That You Have Workshop
(value = $49)
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Eat The Frog - Go For Your Goals With Grace Workshop
(value = $49)
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Navigating Uncertainty Workshop
(value = $49)
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Overcoming Financial Anxiety So You Can Have It All Workshop
(value = $49)
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How to Curb Overwhelm & Anxiety Workshop
(value = $49)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $5,000.

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Hello, I'm Brooke.

As a life coach, my greatest passion is helping people, just like you, stop the avoidant bs, overcome the anxious spirals and build awareness and connection in pursuit of freedom and contribution. It's important we get clear, purpose driven and laser focused on the often windy path of healing and self discovery. Creating space for clarity to emerge is the single best piece of advice I have been given. We aren't here to burn out and not live the life of our deepest desires.

I love creme brûlée donuts, mother nature, sustainability, doing all of the tasks set out in this course (like aaaaall of them), the beach, the mountains (did I say nature!?), intrepid travel, authentic/honest people and helping raise the consciousness of the planet as best I can. 

I have led hundreds of people, just like you, through this methodology to create greater clarity, self love, trust, direction and connection. Have you watched the client testimonials above, yet?

Let's kick that avoidance and fear to the curb. Let's reclaim your power. Let’s change your life, together.

This video is absolutely brilliant. It probably depicts how fast paced your life is right now and how much things need to shift. In PC you’ll learn the not so subtle art of meditation and how it WILL inevitably change your life.


Purposefully Clear is For You


  • You want to be successful af without burning out.

  • You desire aligned badass connections with entrepreneurial people.

  • You want time freedom. 
  • You wanna make some serious money.

  •  You want to be confident and clear so you can go after what you want with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to BE consistent, clear & confident?

F*** YES!


Good, because there's something I wanna share with you.


You can do this on your own but I don't think you want to anymore, right? Allow yourself to receive help from those who have been where you want to go.


The ideas and dreams you have or the masterpiece you’re in the process of creating is here to be actualised in the world.


You deserve to: be at peace, enjoy meaningful work, do what you want with your time, pay all your bills, dine out at your favourite restaurants, invest & share your money with your favourite charities, travel, work out in the best gyms and studios, take as much time off as you need and ultimately thrive. We are here to create a life by design not by default.


I know you’re craving clarity, connection, direction and ease. 


The power is within you, baby! 

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You are so ready for this journey.


The REAL problems here are...


1. You don't take any space from life.

2. You don't choose yourself.

3. You've severed your connection to your intuition. 


You're so maxed out mentally, physically and emotionally that adding MORE to your plate may just tip you over the edge...


Meditation can turn fools into sages but unfortunately fools never meditate.  - Swami Vivekananda


I really don’t want you to look back a year from now without feeling clear, connected, empowered and consistent, because you decided NOT to take the leap today. I want you to look back with a sense of gratitude because you finally decided you were worth it. You finally decided to really love yourself. 


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There are 8 group calls over 8 weeks included in Purposefully Clear and a FB community for sharing, clearing, healing and ideating what's next. We're so excited you are here.